Series 15


Ten New Testament Soul-Winners
by Francis Dixon

(Scripture Portion: John 1:19-37)

Andrew is mentioned only a few times in the New Testament, but on each occasion we see him introducing others to the Lord Jesus. First he had the supreme joy of introducing his brother Peter to the Lord (John 1:39-42); then he introduced the lad with the five loaves and two fishes (John 6:8-9); and finally, he introduced the Greeks to the Lord (John 12:20-22). There is no more important work in the world than this: introducing other people to the Saviour. Andrew had been called to this task by the Lord Himself (Matthew 4:18-20), and Luke 19:10 tells us that we are to be constantly engaged in the same glorious and heavenly calling. We may be very ordinary people, like Andrew, but the Lord can use us in bringing others to know Him. Andrew did not rank with Paul or his own brother Peter. We are not told that he ever preached a sermon – but he led Peter to Christ. Peter preached many sermons, but there would have been no sermons from him had it not been for the faithful, personal soul-winning of Andrew. Andrew is an illustration of a successful soul-winner, and in this study there are three aspects of the theme presented to us.


What is the task of the soul-winner? Verse 41 tells us – “The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother…” Each word in this sentence is important:-

  1. 1. Notice the word “first”. There is no doubt that he won many others to the Lord after he himself became a Christian, but first he thought of and successfully won his own brother. Immediately he found Christ he became concerned that someone else should find Him, and that is exactly how it should be. When we are born again the impulse to win someone else is born within us, and we should nurture this impulse and see to it that soul-winning is always regarded by us as a matter of first importance.
  2. 2. Notice the word “find”. We do not know how far Andrew needed to search for Peter, but we do know that those whom the Lord would have us find are lost, and for this reason they need to be sought – look up Luke 15:4-6. Do we realise that all the people around us who are without Christ are lost? Once this fact really grips us then we shall feel that the most important thing in the world is to introduce them to the One who alone can save them – look up Acts 4:12.
  3. 3. Then, Andrew first found “his brother”. It is very significant that the record says “his brother” – not someone else’s! It is often much easier to speak to someone else’s brother, but let us first be concerned for those for whose salvation we are first responsible, namely, the members of our own family circle. Do you have loved-ones who are not Christians? Are you doing anything to bring them to the Lord Jesus?

Here, then, is the soul-winners task; it needs much patience and endeavour, but it can bring blessing to those nearest and dearest to us. Now notice the second thing:-


What did Andrew say to Peter when he found him? Verse 41 tells us – “We have found the Messiah (that is, the Christ)”. All Andrew did was to give his testimony. Notice four things about it:-

  1. 1. It was a Spoken Testimony. It is most important that our lives are consistent, but living a Christ-like life does not exempt us from the responsibility of speaking for the Lord as and when He gives us the opportunity – look up Luke 8:39 and Mark 5:19 and notice the word “tell”. Most of us are ready and willing to speak on almost every subject, but are we as ready and willing to speak of and for the Lord? – look up Psalm 50:23.
  2. 2. It was a Simple Testimony. A child could have understood what he said; and it is when we speak of the Lord Jesus as naturally as we talk of any earthly friend that God blesses and uses our testimony to the salvation of others – look up Acts 8:4. Have you found the Lord as your own Saviour? Have you proved Him to be a wonderful friend? Has He answered your prayers? Can you not tell others about these things?
  3. 3. It was a Sure Testimony. Andrew was absolutely certain of his message, and that is what the world is waiting for today. On every hand there is a lack of certainty, but God, who is faithful, has given sure and certain declarations in His Word upon which we may rest and find absolute assurance – look up and compare Job 19:25; John 9:25; 2 Timothy 1:12; 1 John 5:13. Do you “know”?…then will you “say so”?… – look up Psalm 107:2.
  4. 4. It was a Sanctified Testimony. Andrew used what was in Peter’s mind as a point of contact, for Peter (like every Jew) was looking for the Messiah. Great wisdom is needed in soul-winning work, and the Lord promises to give it – look up James 1:5. We need to find out what our contacts are interested in and make that the point of departure in seeking to win them for the Saviour. Are you doing that? If not, will you begin now?

When Andrew had given his testimony to Peter his work was not finished. There was still one thing he needed to do. We call it:-


The soul-winners triumph is indicated in verse 42: “And he brought him to Jesus.” Have you ever had this glorious experience? It is important to notice that he brought Peter to Jesus. He did not tell him to come to Christ: He led him to the Lord and made the introduction. It is a fact that the majority of those who come to the Lord and are truly converted are brought to Him by someone – look up Matthew 14:34-36. Andrew formed a human link between the Saviour and his lost brother. Was it worth the effort? Was it worth giving his testimony? Read the whole of verse 42, and try to imagine how Andrew must have felt at Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:13-19), and at Pentecost (Acts 2:14).

There are “Peters” all around us who are waiting to be found and won to the Lord. Will you be a true Andrew and seek to win them for Him?