(Matthew 7:15)
There is something fearful in the eagerness of the Devil to destroy souls … He sends his agents and messengers in forms and garbs to deceive the simple-minded and unwary. He even steals the dress of God’s own servants…

Many young people fall under the influence of those who have caught smatterings of sceptical talk which they drop in the form of sneers or mocking queries in the ears of their confiding listeners. They laugh at the simple cradle-faiths these young people hold. They cast doubt or start questions about this or that difficulty in the Bible, or they caricature some Christian doctrine and hold it up in such light as to make it look absurd. Thus they poison minds, weaken faith, and fill people with perplexity.

Pastors and teachers are continually called to try and undo the wicked and destructive work of these wolves in sheep’s clothing; but often it’s impossible to undo it. Wrecked cradle-faiths are hard to restore. (J. R. Miller)